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Anonymous: hey, im a girl and im falling for my guy best friend. he really makes me feel good and understands me and it makes me so anxious that if I ever tell him that I like him that our friendship would never be as strong as before. he shows me sooo much that he cares but at the same time he talks to a lot of girls. so you guessed that im being friendzoned. if you were me, would you tell him, even if it costs a good friendship or would you try to get over it?

hi :)
if he was really your best guy friend, you could tell him anything and it wont be awkward or anything. just try to tell him. maybe he likes you back. if he doesn’t, than that’s the worst answer you can get, right? just try to move on after that. i don’t think telling him that you like him would ruin your friendship at all. but if it does, then that proves how immature he might be.

if you don’t want to tell him straight up, that you like him, try dropping hints. or maybe leave a note in his locker or bag, that’s not signed. but if i was you, i would just tell him. im sure you guys wouls stay good friends, no matter what. :)

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Anonymous: what do you think is better.. having sex with a friend who won"t hurt you? or wait untill you like someone and get fucked over? i don"t want to get hurt i'm still a virgin, but everyone trys to get my to have sex with me, i don't even know who likes me anymore, i always get played and it hurts. i kind of want sex though and i'm curious what sex is like, and to feel how good it is. help me please :( i don't know what to do!

hi :)
I think its better to wait until you know for sure if you’re ready for it. a lot of people lose their virginity because their curious, and they usually regret it in the end. I would wait until you are actually in a relationship with someone you like a lot. make sure they are committed though, wait a while in the relationship to do it, take things slow. eventually you’ll feel ready to do it, and then you can say you had it with someone who actually meant something to you, and you actually meant something to them. so maybe, just maybe you wont regret it.

it might take a while to actually find someone whos into you, that you like. but you have to be willing to wait. if you’re impatient about it , then do it with a good friends who wont hurt you. it might be awkward though, just keep that in mind. I hope everything works out for you, you can message me and tell me how things are going or if you need more help. I’m here!

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Anonymous: i'm really scared because at the end of my semester i'm finished high school... my life is taking off and i'm not sure if i'm ready, i am really afraid to go to university.

i know it’s scary right now. and if you don’t think your ready, you could always take a take off and think about what you want to do. or take a risk, and try something that looks interesting and see if you like it. think of it as an opportunity to start over, kind of. you’ll make new friends. everyone will be just as scared/nervous as you are. try not to stress out to much about it, take deep breaths, and you’ll find your way around and try to be nice to everyone you meet, but be yourself. always! i promise you’ll do great.

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Relatable posts?
Anonymous: what do i do:( my boyfriend lives 200+ miles away from me, and were doing our exams and im scared we will never see eachother again, plus i really cant stop cutting, i try my best to but i just love it, i feel noone cares because im so fat and ugly.

if you and your boyfriend truely love each other, things will turn out just fine. you will get to see him again, if he’s willing to make time for you. you just need to have hope that things will be alright.

cutting is an addiction and it’s hard to stop, but if you really try, you can do it. it gets rid of stress. you just need to find another way to get the stress out. you need to take your mind off of it too. the best way to take your mind off of it is to distract yourself with something you love to do, like maybe reading, or watching tv, or going out with friends. just make sure your doing something whenever you feel the need to cut. ever heard of the butterfly project? you draw a butterfly on your arm in sharpie and name it after someone you love. you try not to cut until the butterfly has faded away. if you cut while you have a butterfly on your arm, then you killed it. and you have to start over by drawing another one. please try these methods, and i promise you , you will get better. chin up hun<3

don’t ever say no one cares. i do, and i always will. tell me how things are going if you want!

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